CNC Machine For Oil & Gas Applications

Hwacheon Hi-tech 850 Bb High Rigid Big Bore Turning Center: Designed For Most Demanding Industrial Applications

EURO GULF brings to you Hi-TECH 850 BB, a turning center from the house of HWACHEON, that features a high-speed spindle. These tough, highly precise machines employ extra-size through-spindles. The two heavy duty air chucks in front and rear of the spindle guarantee perfect results, every time.

The 45-degree unibody bed equipped in each model is ideal for most demanding turning jobs. The Hi-TECH BB series turning centers equipped with box way design, guide ways for maximum stability and precision even after hours of prolonged operation. The gear-transmission spindle assembly provides both low-torque and high-speed turning capabilities with increased productivity.

Why choose Hi-TECH 850BB? 


High Performance Spindle: The performance spindle delivers high torque at low speed, supported by the gearbox system. This spindle system is especially effective for large-size, heavy-duty jobs, especially for oil and gas applications. 


High Performance Turret: Entire process from turning to milling can be performed with a single setting. This helps maintain your quality and eliminates downtime in between jobs by getting rid of unnecessary loading and unloading of workpieces.  


Multitasking: Run by a powerful AC spindle motor, the turn-mill system can accurately axis-index the spindle to perfectly mill, tap, or drill.  

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